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How Sprie meets the retail challenge

Right now, retailers are responding to a significant shift in consumer buying behaviour.

Challenges faced by online retailers include:
• Diminishing engagement
• Increased competition
• Decreasing brand loyalty
• Higher rates of returns
• Shoppers' price sensitivity
• Demand for ‘zero touch’ purchasing

The ubiquity of smart phones and smart cameras has changed how shoppers buy, transforming the retail experience. Retailers and their marketing teams are getting to grips with developing strategies to meet this long-term change in behaviour towards ‘contact-free’ shopping and build experiences that meet shoppers’ needs.

The ongoing shift to online shopping has only been accelerated by COVID-19. Retailer marketing teams are faced with meeting the challenges this raises but must also take advantage of the new opportunities this presents. As an augmented reality technology start-up, we knew we had a safe way for brands to market and offer the same physical experience virtually through augmented reality (AR).

That's why we developed Sprie, a virtual try-on platform designed to create an immersive retail experience for your customers that increases engagement, boosts sales and reduces returns.

With over eight years of experience in immersive AR/VR visualisation software development, we believe we've developed the best platform for retailers to get their products into their customers' hands virtually. And we've been supported in our vision along the way, with multiple awards, endorsed and backed by leading organisations like Natwest, DIT, Digital Catapult and Tech Nation UK.

Sprie works great for


Put your products in the hands of your customer. Offer your customers a jaw-dropping experience on their mobile device that stands out from competitors, increases sales and boosts brand loyalty.

High street retailers

Bring the in-store experience to your customer's phone. In a few clicks, users can try-out your products in their own spaces, check dimensions and quickly overcome any doubts on the path to purchase.

Marketing teams

Enhance your existing marketing campaigns or rapidly create and deploy AR campaigns for greater engagement, awareness and 'stickiness'.

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